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Copyright protection in Bulgaria. Copyright attorney in Bulgaria.


IUSAUTHOR is among the few law firms specialising in the area of protection of copyright. Our services cover copyright counselling and database rights, development of IP strategy, negotiation and drafting of copyright license agreements and other copyright-related agreements, as well as legal representation before courts with regard to copyright infringement and other copyright-related disputes. 

The founding partner of IUSAUTHOR, Mr Atanas Kostov, attorney-at-law, has been specialising in copyright and IP law for more than 20years now. He has a profound knowledge of the national and international legal framework and case law applicable to copyright and IP law. As a leading copyright expert in Bulgaria he has been invited to take part in the Advisory Council on Intellectual Property at the Ministry of Culture, as well as in the Working Group at the Legislative Committee with regard to the latest amendments of the Copyright Act. Mr Kostov is an author of several books on copyright and IP law and more than 80 articles in that area. He is often invited to speak at seminars and give lectures on various copyright issues.

Mr Kostov’s clientele consists of both corporate clients and authors who seek counselling on matters concerning the copyright industries. Mr Kostov has developed extensive experience as a counsel in copyright disputes. He has represented clients in almost all of the few copyright disputes brought before the Bulgarian courts. Currently Mr Kostov is specialising in regulation of digital copyright and regulation of digital culture, in particular regulation of online media (e.g. radio, newspapers, sport websites, TV, etc.) and online-based businesses, such as presentation and commercial websites, online libraries, etc.. He consults companies with leading market share in those industries on various matters concerning copyright infringement and regulation of digital copyright.


For the past couple of years Mr Kostov has been working in close collaboration with the U.S. Copyright Office with regard to registering original works of authorship in the USA. This copyright registration regime covers all 165 member states to the Berne Convention, including Bulgaria and most of the EU member states, as the original works of authorship are also registered in the US Library of Congress. In contrast to the European copyright regime according to which the copyright arises automatically at the time of the creation of the work and its materialisation in a way that allows the idea to be communicated to others, hence there is no need for registering the copyright, the American regime requires registration of copyright. U.S. Copyright Office carries out the registration of copyright by means of a specific administrative registration procedure.

IUSAUTHOR’s services cover this type of copyright protection. The latter is a useful means of establishing the author’s copyright worldwide given the number of states members to the Berne Convention. In Bulgaria most of the authors that opt for this type of copyright protection are authors of software, literary works, works of visual arts (e.g. design) and architecture.