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Trademark registration in Bulgaria. Trademark attorney in Bulgaria.


"IUSAUTHOR" hold consultations in connection with the registration of national trademarks in the Patent Office of the Republic of Bulgaria, European trademark (CTM) and international trademark. "IUSAUTHOR" offers legal protection of a lawyer who specializes in trademarks in court in conflict of interest on them. What is ednatargovska brand and what legal options it provides?

1.A trademark is a sign which is capable of distinguishing goods or services of one person from those of other persons and can be represented graphically and / or with words. In this context, brands are combined (logo + text) and verbal. A trademark may also be collective and certification. A collective trademark is a sign held by an association - a legal entity and is used according to rules adopted by the association and presented in written form at registration of the mark. A certification trademark certifies the composition, the manufacturing, quality and other characteristics of goods or services produced or provided under the control of the trademark owner. For izpolzuvaeneto its holder need to adopt rules for controls and sanctions that it imposes, which are prepared in writing and shall be submitted to the Patent Office with a request for registration.

2.Registration. Registration of national trademark is performed in the Patent Office of Bulgaria. 

The procedure goes through several stages: the request of the trademark by which the applicant shall submit the necessary documents in the Patent Office of Bulgaria; expertise on absolute grounds - it covers the substantive requirements which must meet application for trademark; opposition - the period for its submission starts after publication of the application in the Official Gazette of the Patent Office. The opposition period is three months from publication of the application. After this period the mark is it registered. Currently, due to concern procedures, the process of registration of a national trademark, the length varies between 6 and 8 months. Acquired trademark rights is subjective exclusive right which lasts 10 years, it may be renewed for another period of the same duration, through payment of a fee. 

Fees for registration of a trademark: 

Offered by the "IUSAUTHOR" price for registration of a trademark is one of the most attractive on the market and concerns made and confirmed (a written contract) online request from a client of "IUSAUTHOR". Price includes state fee for a study of the relevance and novelty of a trademark; state tax filing; state tax publication of the application of trademark, state tax filing and examination of the trademark by the Nice International Classification; legal fees; banking, administrative and postage, registration fee of trademark. The price includes a fee for service "monitoring trademark" of expressions of similar or identical marks, which is particularly important to account new amendments to the Trademark Law and the adoption of the procedure for opposition.


"IUSAUTHOR" offers and consultation on service and registering a European trademark (CTM) in the European Union Intellectual property office(EUIPO), Alicante, Spain and international trademark in WIPO.