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Complete documentation in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).



Protection of personal data - documents. Company rules and technological measures. Personal data lawyer.


IUSAUTHOR has developed complete documentation on the General Regulation on Personal Data Protection (GDPR) for all industries - IT companies (GDPR software), hospitals (GDPR hospitals), hotels, restaurants and travel agencies (GDPR hotel), notaries, lawyers and private bailiffs (GDPR law), commercial companies (GDPR companies), accounting offices and occupational medicine offices (GDPR accounting). 

The protection of the personal data of your customers and employees is of paramount importance under the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). IUSAUTHOR has many years of experience in the processes that take place online, being one of the first legal offices dealing with Internet law in detail on the territory of Bulgaria. 

That is why today we offer you a service for the introduction of your GDPR standards in line with the General Regulation on Personal Data Protection, which will enter into force on 25 May. The lack of detailed and legally sound regulation of the personal data rights that your company operates after this date can lead to serious sanctions, reaching up to EUR 20 million under the Regulation. Therefore, we consider the introduction of these standards to be mandatory, which is why we offer you the following guidelines: 

- full research and legal analysis of the state of your company regarding the administration of personal data, practices, documentation and existing technological measures;

- creating precise and clear company rules under the GDPR for personal data protection, which are in detail consistent with the subject of activity of your legal entity; 

- formulation of adequate technological measures with the Regulation, to be implemented in your software, with a view to proper structuring, operation and high level of security of personal data; 

- pseudonymization measures; 

- adjustment under the GDPR of general conditions, contractual clauses, creation of the necessary declarations of consent, restriction and removal of personal data; 

- legal advice on the GDPR and solving problems related to the co-administration of personal data inside and outside the EU;

- introduction of a notification regime to the Commission for Personal Data Protection in case of unauthorized access to personal data or criminal encroachment on them.

- assessment of the impact and risk of the introduced measures for personal data processing.

At these two links you can get acquainted with introductory information on the topic, as well as view our GDPR questionnaire, which you will have to answer if we start working together: 

1.Link on GDPR practice guidelines here.

2.Questionnaire of the IUSAUTHOR law firm on GDPR here.


IUSAUTHOR offers you two types of measures that are in line with your personal GDPR policy:

1.Preparation of a detailed package of measures, which includes a study and consultation period on technical and legal issues, as well as introduction of detailed documentation on GDPR, in detail corresponding to the specifics of your company. This type of legal service will be presented to you by the IUSAUTOR team for the amount of BGN 2,000.

2.We also offer you the option to receive basic documentation under the GDPR. It includes forms of the main documents: company rules, technological measures and declarations of consent. This basic package is available for the amount of BGN 700. You can receive it immediately only on the basis of an online inquiry and payment of the fee to the bank account of our office. Please send us a payment document to receive your documents within the same business day.


Request your package of documents here: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The team of IUSAUTHOR