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Unfair competition in Bulgaria. Unfair competition attorney in Bulgaria.


Unfair competition is any act or omission in the performance of economic activity, which is contrary to good commercial practice and harm or may harm the interests of competitors in their relations or in their dealings with consumers.

Commission for Protection of Competition is the authorized state body which implements the Law on Protection of Competition, Law on Public Procurement and Concessions Act. CPC activities is related to the infringement of free competition, the provisions of Art. 81 and Art. 82 of the Treaty establishing the European Community, cooperation with the European Commission and other national competition authorities of the Member States of the European Union under Regulation (EC) № 1/2003 and Regulation (EC) № 139/2004, performing sectoral analysis and advocacy for competition. Under the Law on Public Procurement and Concessions Act, the Commission handles complaints regarding nezakonosaobraznostt decisions, actions and omissions of the contractors or conceding in the award of a public contract or concession.

Acts and omissions constituting unfair competition are the following: 

Damage to the reputation and credibility of the competitors, and they offer goods or services by stating or disseminating untrue information, and by presenting the facts in a distorted form.

Attributing through advertising or otherwise non-existent qualities of the goods or services in comparison with the goods or services of competitors and attributing existing deficiencies of the goods or services of competitors.

Deception through omission or concealment of material defects or dangerous characteristics of the goods or services.

Imitation by offering or advertisement of goods or services with appearance, packaging, labeling, name or other characteristics which mislead or may mislead as to the origin, manufacturer, seller, manner and place of manufacture, source and way of acquisition or use, quantity, quality, nature, consumer characteristics and other essential characteristics of the goods or service.

Unfair attracting customers through the implementation of unfair competition aimed at attracting clients resulting in termination or violated contracts with competitors.

Prohibition of disclosure of manufacturing or trade secrets through learning, use or disclosure of a trade secret in contradiction with fair trade practice.

What else offers office for the protection of intellectual property "IUSAUTHOR" in connection with konkuretntnoto law and public procurement:

- Legal advice in relation to procurement. 

- Public Procurement Review the CPC.

- Competitive aspects of franchising and licensing agreements

- Consultations with cartel law

- Consultations with the concentration of economic activity

- Oral and written consultations, preparation of pleadings and procedural safeguards implemented in connection with the production Protection sreshtuneloyalna competition, the Commission for Protection of Competition in Sofia.