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Basic description of a blockchain project - schematic.


Many of IUSAUTHOR's law office clients often ask us what a blockchain project should look like "in general terms", how would we present it in a nutshell as a concept, technologically, financially and legally? We hope this visualization of basic principles in the blockchain ecosystem, valid for any startup project, provide clarity on the depth of the problem and the fact that the "this I know" approach would not work if we applied the presumed specifics and details to everything shown in the graphic.

However, we hope that the visualization in question provides a good reference point for developing multiple projects in the right way, in order to account for the logical development of each phase at a low level(in code), and conceptually. Please note that this selection does not include at all the issues related to project marketing, business models, building e-money trading companies, structuring, basing them in specific territories, regulatory, tax and legal framework, going through licensing regimes, etc.


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