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The patent attorney Mr.Atanas Kostov - Coronavirus vaccine is patented.

The patent attorney Mr.Atanas Kostov - Coronavirus vaccine is patented.


In an interview on bTV, Mr. Atanas Kostov as a patent attorney said that researches and patents on coronavirus date back to 2003. There are quite different types of coronaviruses and scientists around the world have been working on the subject for quite some time. "I began to investigate for personal interest whether there were patents in the field," said Mr.Kostov.

 "I came across one of the latest patents, which is from 2014. The research team working on it is English, and behind it is an English university". Mr.  Atanas Kostov explain on BTV this Sunday, that English scientists work on patent, who covers the coronavirus to protein 16. The modern coronavirus is a three-protein mutation on top, which is not what the patented vaccine was patented for" he said. 

"The vaccine I'm talking about is a specific coronavirus that is related to the treatment of bronchitis. Currently, the complications affect the respiratory system and the deaths end with pneumonia. Perhaps that is where scientists' efforts should be directed " Mr.Atanas Kostov said. According to him, it is obvious that the British scientists are making progress on the subject and most likely there will be a positive result. 

In some articles, British scientists pretending that they are on the verge of finding a treatment solution for the modern coronavirus and a vaccine for it.